The International 2024: A Show of Dota 2 Greatness

The International 2024: A Show of Dota 2 Greatness

People in the game world are very excited about The International 2024 (TI 13), which looks like it will be the highlight of the Dota 2 competitive season. Let’s get into more detail about this big event by breaking down the changes, the trip teams will take, and the new way the tournament is set up.

The International 2024: Getting away from tradition

The International 2024 is going in a different direction than most things. TI 13 is not tied to the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season like previous years. It is a separate event. It  decide by Valve to end the DPC system in the fall of 2023. This has made way for a new and exciting tournament experience that will surely captivate gamers.

The International 2024: How We Got to TI 13

Teams will have to find a new way to get to The International in 2024 since the DPC method will not be there. The rankings of teams will be based on a number of tournaments held throughout the year. Events like Kuala Lumpur 2023, DreamLeague Season 22, DreamLeague Season 23, and ESL One Europe will all be important in figuring out the rankings and choosing who will compete in the finals at TI 13.

Putting the tournament format on display

The International 2024 uses a new format that is meant to make the game tougher. Teams will interact with each other in a dynamic way during the group rounds and playoffs, which will further add to the excitement of the event.

Dynamics of the Group Stage (Dates, TBD)

The first step:

  • Twenty teams are split into four groups for the first game.
  • The five teams in each group are very strong.
  • Teams play one round-robin match against each other.
  • They move on to the next round because the top two teams from each group win.

Step Two:

  • The stakes are higher as the last 16 teams play to see who gets to go to the playoffs.
  • Four of the best teams from other groups play the top two teams from each group in a fierce fight for the title.

Super Bowl of the Playoffs (Dates TBD)

  • There are 16 top teams in the first round of the playoffs, which is a Double-Elimination method.
  • Eight teams are on the upper grid, and eight more are on the bottom grid.
  • All playoff games play in a very exciting “best-of-three” style.

Weekend of the grand finale (dates TBD)

  • As the top 8 teams move through the last leg of the Double-Elimination system, the tension hits its peak.
  • With a best-of-five style, the grand finals add even more drama, Making for an exciting end to The International 2024.

The International 2024: Want to see the battle of the titans? You can watch it here:

Channels for Officials

  • YouTube Twitch
  • Videos on YouTube

It looks like EGamersWorld will be the best site because it has:

  • Broadcasts in multiple languages
  • Not necessary to register
  • Twelve different languages to choose from for your watching pleasure

You about to blow away by The International 2024’s sheer beauty. Get ready for an amazing trip into the heart of BETSLOT Dota 2 greatness! Mark your calendars and set alarms.