Louis Vuitton Signs Le Sserafim as Brand Ambassador

Louis Vuitton Signs Le Sserafim as Brand Ambassador

Fashion enthusiast and Kpop fans Louis Vuitton Signs Le Sserafim as their girl brand ambassador. These five brilliant people lit up the after party of Louis Vuitton’s huge fashion show on the Jamsugyo Bridge in Seoul in April of last year. They are now the new faces of Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign.

Louis Vuitton Signs Le Sserafim: South Korea’s only capsule collection

Louis Vuitton Signs Le Sserafim as Brand Ambassador

Kim Chaewon, Hong Eunchae, Sakura, Kazuha, and Huh Yunjin are in the band. The ad pictures them in a studio in Seoul that looks like the famous Jamsugyo Bridge. The 16-bag mini collection can only be bought in South Korea. Don’t worry if you can’t make it; eight of these stylish bags will be sold all over the world later.

Louis Vuitton Signs Le Sserafim: Vuitton’s Creative Group

With the help of Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of the hit show “Squid Game,” Louis Vuitton made a beautiful backdrop for the fashion show to make it even more amazing. The members of Le Sserafim are wearing looks from the pre-collection in the first marketing picture, which makes it even cooler.

The Artistic Director’s Joy

Nicolas Ghesquière, who is in charge of designing women’s designs at Louis Vuitton, was thrilled to welcome the new artists. He met the group for the first time at his pre-fall show in Seoul. At the after party, their unique styles and lively performance wowed him.

How much is in the capsule?

The capsule collection has redesigned classic styles, such as the GO-14 in limited colorways and the Noé Purse in a way that is inspire by the Bokjumeoni, a traditional bag that means good luck. Don’t forget that these bags will be in shops and online on Friday!

Look at Le Sserafim.

Hybe is the production company behind big names like BTS and Enhypen. Le Sserafim is the first girl group under Hybe. Their first EP, “Fearless,” came out in May 2022. “Perfect Night,” their new English song, will come out on Oct. 27. If that wasn’t exciting enough, they’ll be on Global Spin Live on Nov. 2 to share their ideas and perform, thanks to their quick success on the charts.

Getting into the Vuitton K-pop club

This K-pop star joins the likes of Felix of Stray Kids, J-Hope from BTS, Jackson Wang, and Hyein from NewJeans as being link to Louis Vuitton. Do you remember when BTS was the face of Louis Vuitton? Yes, it is that cool of a club!

L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton are making waves in a world where fashion and K-pop meet. Watch this space for more style, music, and a great night with these lovely champions! koin303