The Cosmic Purple Mage: Yve Guide

The Cosmic Purple Mage: Yve Guide

Yve, the cosmic purple mage known for her unique final move “Real World Manipulation,” has been added to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. That’s why this guide will look at the best build, skills, symbol, and attacks for Yve.

The Cosmic Purple Mage: How Great Yve’s Magic Is

Galactic Power — Not Active

Yve collects Galactic Power whenever her Void Blast and Void Crystal abilities succeed in damaging enemy heroes. Her Real World Manipulation gets better with this passive because it gives her more hits and makes her shield stronger. Remember that monsters and minions won’t help your Galactic Power, so hit enemy heroes instead.

Void Blast is the first skill.

Learn how to use the Void Blast to get help. This skill does damage all around, but it does more damage in the middle. Think about how you can best use it to push enemies in the lane and make it more useful. Step one: Work on this skill. Step two: Work on your ideal skill.

The second skill is Void Crystal.

You can use this skill again to make a square that does damage and slows down enemies. The square will then be called up. It works best to throw this skill by hand. It’s like Benedetta’s ultimate, but purple.

Ultimate: Being in charge of the real world

This is Yve’s best move. It changes the game by letting her make a starfield that up to 15 people can tap or touch for 15 seconds. Something does Magic Damage in a certain area when you tap on it. It hurts you over and over again and slows you down when you slide. You can place the starfield more carefully if you cast it by hand, and remember that only Kaja, Franco, and Barats can stop her ultimate.

The Cosmic Purple Mage: Using the Astrowarden’s Power

Getting Good at Combos

You should learn Yve’s ultimate. For optimal performance, try sliding and tapping simultaneously. If you slide on an enemy, it will move more slowly. Find out how the damage changes when you slide or tap, and make the most of both moves.

The Cosmic Purple Mage: Getting rid of your last

The button that says “Cancel Cast” is in the top right corner. If you click it, your ultimate will end. Don’t forget that Yve’s ultimate can only be stopped by skills that silence him. Other crowd control effects, like stuns, won’t get rid of it, but they will make it impossible for you to tap or move for a short time.

The Cosmic Purple Mage: Real Skill at Minigames

You can’t use any other skills when your ultimate is on. Now Real World Manipulation is a real game. Keep an eye on the 15 seconds that are left and the charges that are available. Learn how to balance tapping and moving. It’s your turn to shine as the Astrowarden!

That being said

Playing as Yve, the Astrowarden, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is fun and tough. If you learn her moves, combos, and the right way to use her final attack, you can be a very tough opponent. Have a great time, and may your starfield shine at every VTBET game!